Another common cause of gas leaking around air filters is due to carburetor issues. Fuel Float Issue: Designed to maintain pressure inside the carburetor by closing off the system at a certain fuel level, the fuel float can become stuck, resulting in gas escaping from the carburetor into the vent tube & air filter
Propane and natural gas are truly a backup fuel for a backup generator. Your engine will last longer, start better in cold weather and even start next year when you go to use it in an emergency. The best part is, with one of our do-it-yourself kits you can change your engine from gasoline to propane or natural gas all by yourself.
Safety Tip: Coleman fuel is very volatile and fuel leaks can lead to a fire outside of the burner, which can be very dangerous. After any repairs, before you strike a match, make sure there are no fuel leaks. Also, never fill the fuel tank near any open flame or source of ignition such as a cigarette or the smoldering coals of a campfire.
the usual reason is a stuck float in your carburator , can be caused by dirt/rust etc , remove carb bowl and clean , there is also a very small needle valve which is attached to this float ( metering needle ) these can leak. if all else fails always turn off the fuel supply to the generator whilst not in use